Florida Federation of Music Clubs

FFMC Junior Convention 2020 = Cancelled!

Location for 2021: Ocala  Dates: TBD

2019-2020 Junior Officers
Savannah Dinh
Amy Yan
Katie Carlson
Kathryn Greenberg
Eric Lee
Vice President

With great regret,  the 2020 Junior Convention at the College of Central Florida, Ocala HAS BEEN CANCELLED.

The health of all is our overriding concern. 

We appreciate all the assistance we received.

We are looking forward to 2021.

Questions?  Contact Suzanne Carpenter:  [email protected]

=> Please review checklist: see Junior Procedures Manual page 6-8 Download: PDF version

Please refer to FFMC Junior Division Procedures for important information regarding audition rules.



Forms must be typed or computer-generated.

No hand-written forms will be accepted.
Email attachments and metered postmarks will NOT be accepted.
No certified mail allowed.  Mistakes $5 each - PLEASE proofread carefully!

Be sure to include sufficient fees - payable to FFMC, Inc. 

Refer to fee example below (1 teacher with 12 entrants / 2 groups) for total due = $515:

# of Teachers/Counselors          1   x $15.00 = $        15.00  = Required fee
# of Entrants in 1-4 Events       9   x $30.00 =         270.00
# of Entrants in 5-8 Events       3   x $60.00 =         180.00
# of Groups (5 or more)           2   x $25.00 =           50.00
                                               TOTAL FEE = $       515.00

Provide details for credit if a student's entry fee is paid by another studio.

          Credit, if any:     $30 paid by "Teacher" for "Student"     

          Net amount enclosed:  $485  ($515 - $30) : Student pays $30 ONCE (up to 4 events)

MS Word:     Junior Entry Form Page 1 (doc)      Junior Entry Form Page 2 (doc)      Sample Page 2

                 Click on link - choose "Save" when prompted - Microsoft Word
                 Document will open in Protected View: click "Enable editing" to begin data entry.
                 Contact Suzanne Carpenter for assistance:  [email protected]

     Caution message


Page 1 (pdf): Junior Entry Form  - page 1    Be sure to open with Adobe - which supports filling in forms.

Page 2 (pdf):  Junior Entry Form - add page

* For use with Adobe Reader® to directly enter information for printing from your computer.  In order to view or print the forms, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader DC© or the equivalent.  Most newer computer systems come with an Acrobat reader pre-installed.  If a PDF viewer or reader other than Adobe Reader® is used, it may not provide correct forms functionality.  For best results, set Orientation as "Auto portrait/landscape" or "landscape" when printing.  Download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC from the Adobe web site by clicking on the logo below: 


Note:   Additional page as Word Document:   download

Confirmation (Optional):  Include with the application a self-addressed, stamped postcard for confirmation of receipt, which will be initialed by the FFMC official and returned through U.S. Postal Service.  Do not send application via certified mail. 

Schedule:  We cannot accommodate special requests for certain students' schedule requirements.  2021 schedules will be mailed, usually by mid-April.  If any of your students need to withdraw, please send their names and events to Suzanne Carpenter: [email protected] .  Check the website for important updates.

Accompanist:  Strings!!  For scheduling purposes, indicate accompanist on the application form for Strings Solo or Strings Concerto.

Monitors:  TEACHERS - Please indicate your interest on your convention application form.   Monitors must be 18 years of age or older. Names with contact information should be provided at least 14 days prior to the start of the convention to Suzanne Carpenter at [email protected] 

Eligibility:  Some convention events require that the student also enter a correlated event during the local festival.  Review the junior procedures manual regarding sightplaying, ensemble and concerto events:  click here

Concerto Time Limit:  Some events have a set time limit during the preliminary round to determine the finalists.  Be sure your student has prepared a suitable excerpt of their selection.  During the preliminary round, "TIME" will be called:  three-minutes for Junior II-A and Junior II-B Piano; four-minute for Junior III-A Piano, Junior III-B Piano, or five-minute Senior Piano Concerto, and four-minute for Junior III Violin or five-minute for Senior Violin Concerto.  Up to five finalists will be chosen to perform their entire movement for the FINALS.  The results of each preliminary round will be posted at least one hour prior to the final audition near the Front Registration Desk.  The Time and Place of the final auditions will be posted as well.  Review Junior Procedures Manual.  See also webpage Special for day, time, and location of the FINAL AUDITIONS.

Parents and students: if you have questions, please allow your teacher or counselor to contact Suzanne Carpenter, the FFMC State Junior Convention Chair, on your behalf. Thank you.

JUNIOR CONVENTION REGISTRATION WILL BE IN THE FINE ARTS BUILDING. All students must register upon arrival prior to auditioning. Each student will receive a convention schedule and convention booklet. Teachers, please send your students with the following information: event, class, audition room assignment, and time of audition. Teachers: pick up certificates for your students when registering - one per entrant.  Certificates will NOT be given to Juniors. 

ATTENTION STUDENTS!  2021 Summer Music Camp Scholarship Award: The Florida Summer Music Camp Scholarship Award is open to Juniors currently in grades 9, 10 and 11. Must meet eligibility requirements. Include years of study, motivation to attend a certain program, Festival/State Junior Convention participation, and/or volunteer activities to promote music in the community. Applicant must attend a 2021 Florida Summer Music Camp: download
Teachers - contact SUZANNE CARPENTER for assistance:   [email protected]

Schedule Room Designations:   For the auditions audition schedule, rooms are designated A, B, C, etc. 
Concert/Awards Ceremony: A concert featuring the 2019 Scholarship Recipients and presentation of special awards will be held at 7:30 P.M. in the auditorium of the Marion Technical Institute on both Friday and Saturday evenings. Teachers, encourage your students to attend the Awards Assembly and Performances. Inspiration from this event may be instrumental in the goals for the upcoming year. Following the concert, audition winners will be announced. If you cannot be present, please appoint someone to pick up your winning students’ trophies or ribbons.

For those who are not able to stay for the evening ceremonies or have not made other arrangements to obtain their awards, please contact Suzanne Carpenter.. The cost for shipping/handling is $15 per trophy and $5 per ribbon. All checks are to be made payable to FFMC, Inc. Requests are to be mailed to: Suzanne Carpenter at  P.O. Box 357275, Gainesville, FL 32635-7275.  Please include the student's name, event/class won, shipping address, (street address, city, zip) and phone number.   All requests must be made by December 31, 2021.  

Winners/Honorable Mentions:  Friday’s results will be posted on-site on Saturday; all results will be uploaded to the FFMC website approximately three days after the convention has completed. Please do not call or e-mail state officials for this information.  A "W" marks the winner with "H" to mark Honorable Mention.  Refer:  schedule







WINNERS - Download list by year (as pdf)

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(Updated February 19, 2020)