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MORE composition resources for your studio

Local Music Stores

The Music Shack
1271 Semoran Blvd. Suite 145
Casselberry, FL 32707
(407) 678-1765

The Band Room
3233 Curry Ford Road
Orlando, FL 32806
(407) 897-7080

Music N’ More
3916 Town Center Blvd
Orlando, FL 32837
(407) 802-4621


Music Study Scholarships
Music for Fun!
Check out these musical programs and ideas:

National Arts Centre – Canada

Public Broadcasting Service (PBS)

Fun music for car trips



University of Central Florida Music Department Events


From the NY Philharmonic:

NY Phil Kids : Game Room
Kidzone: Composition
Instrument ID and Info
Composers’ Gallery


From San Franciso Symphony: click here


From Nashville Symphony: click here


From Dallas Symphony (DSO Kids): click here



Free Educational Resources (or almost free!)

  • Music notation software: Finale Notepad
  • Write music, print it, play it back on your computer!
  • Every musical family should have this.


Free! (Or pay $10 for an upgrade.)


Metronome Online
Interactive (not a download)



Music Literacy Resources

Elementary school curriculum: Click here (Skill-building)

MusicTheory.net for sheet music

  • Record notes on weekly lesson.
  • Keep track of practice minutes each day.
  • Speednote Reading Tutor Click here 10 levels!

Lancaster Symphony Orchestra Classroom Resources

Teach your students the art of music notation.

Facts & Figures

Piano Technicians Guild Piano history, piano games and more!
Composers Pictures of many composers.
Build music appreciation through history:

Helpful Music Games from Sphinx (interactive games and videos) click here for more)

Useful online resources:

Explore a wide array of sounds for different instruments: click here

Click on each musical instrument to learn more about its history and how it sounds.
Explore brass, woodwind, and string instruments. Instrument Storage Room

This tool makes it easy to tune the strings on a guitar.
Simply click on the notes and then adjust your strings until both notes sound the same. Guitar Tuner

The San Francisco Orchestra offers several musical games to help kids learn
Explore instruments and composition.
Discover fun facts about composers, music, and instruments here.
Fun and Games With Music (San Francisco Kids)

Click each piano key on the keyboard and learn the corresponding musical note.
Musical Notes

Play around with this virtual instrument to create your own songs.
The keyboard can play different instrument sounds.
It also includes drum beats and a mode that makes it easy to play chords.
Virtual Keyboard

Slowly build an orchestra by identifying the correct musical instrument based on its sound. Musical Orchestra

This online metronome includes several sheet music scales for practice
Includes flute, saxophone, clarinet, trumpet, and many more.
My Metronome

These interactive music activities are a fun way to learn.
Explore musical score composition, chords, and scales.
Musical Theory and Ear Training

Metronome game: Adjust beats, tempo, and accent beats.
Both desktop and mobile version available for download.
The Web Metronome

Create a melody using the number keys on your keyboard.
Use the clarinet, oboe, or marimba.
Playing With Music: Scales

Place and adjust the strings and percussion sounds to make a tune with this fun game. Adjust strings on an instrument to make different sounds.
String Thing

Interested in composing? Create your own music.
Use whole, half, and quarter notes on the staff.
You can choose between “beginner” and “advanced” versions.
Save/send the finished composition to your friends.
Compose Your Very Own Music

Experiment with different instruments and rhythms.
Create different sounds.
Hit the play button to hear your composition.

Play-and-learn to identify the different notes on a musical staff.
Name That Note

Online interactive metronome = practice slow, moderate, and fast tempos.
Online Metronome

Refresh the page to discover a new music game! Tonic Tutor

In this game, drag notes onto the staff and create your own musical score.
Compose Music

This call-and-response game is a fun way to practice the piano and learn about musical notes. Parrot Phrases

Identify the right note and click it as fast as you can!

This music tool teaches kids to recognize different piano chords by ear.
Piano Chord Ear Trainer