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Sharps&Flats for 2017-2018

Fall 2017

Sharps&Flats for 2016-2017

Spring 2017 (with Official Call - 98th FFMC Spring Convention)

Fall 2016

Sharps&Flats for 2015-2016

Spring 2016 (with Official Call - 97th FFMC Spring Convention)

Fall 2015

Sharps&Flats for 2014-2015

Spring 2015 (with Official Call - 96th FFMC Spring Convention)

Summer 2014   (With pull-out directory update)

Sharps&Flats for 2013-2014

Winter/Spring 2014    (With Official Call - 95th FFMC Spring Convention)

Summer 2013

Sharps&Flats for 2012-2013

Winter/Spring 2013  (With Official Call - 94th FFMC Spring Convention)

Summer 2012 (With pull-out directory update)

Sharps&Flats for 2011-2012

Winter/Spring 2012 (with Official Call - 93rd FFMC Spring Convention)

Summer 2011

Sharps&Flats for 2010-2011

Apr/May/Jun/Jul 2011 (with Official Call - 92nd FFMC Spring Convention)

Dec/Jan/Feb/Mar 2011

Aug/Sep/Oct/Nov 2010 (with Official Call - 82nd FFMC Fall Session)

Sharps&Flats for 2009-2010

Apr/May/Jun/Jul 2010

Dec/Jan/Feb 2009-2010

Aug/Sep/Oct/Nov 2009

Sharps&Flats for 2008-2009

April/May/June 2009 (PDF: 126K)

Official Call - Ninety-First Annual FFMC Convention

Official Call - Seventy-Second Annual Junior Convention and Auditions

January/February/March 2009 (PDF: 226K) (Junior Day 2009 Insert)

September/October/November/December 2008 (PDF: 162K)

May/June/July/August 2008 (with Official Call for FFMC 2008 Fall Session) (PDF: 109K)

Sharps&Flats for 2007-2008

January/February/March/April 2008 (with Official Call for FFMC 2008 May Convention) (PDF: 142K)

September/October/November/December 2007 (PDF: 89K)

June/July/August 2007 (PDF: 87K)

Sharps&Flats for 2006-2007

March/April/May 2007 (PDF: 70K)

October/November/December 2006 (PDF: 130K)

July/August/September 2006 (PDF: 79K)

Sharps&Flats for 2005-2006

April/May/June 2006 (PDF: 112K)

January/February/March 2006 (PDF: 83K)

June/July/August 2005 (PDF: 500k)    SF 2005-08 (Archive Edition)

Sharps&Flats for 2005-2006 [Archive Files in Progress]