Florida Federation of Music Clubs

Student/Collegiate Division

Membership of the Student/Collegiate Division shall be classified as Active or Associate. It shall be limited to students between the ages of 19-26. Student dues shall be sent to the state Financial Secretary.

Active Membership in this division may be organizational or individual.
1. Organizations. Musical organizations whose members are in the 16-26 year age bracket are eligible for active membership upon payment of annual dues of $1.50 per capita on all classes of members; 20 is minimum number of members for minimum dues of $30.00. Add $6.00 per group for subscription to Music Clubs Magazine.
2. An Individual Student may become a Special Member upon the payment of annual dues of $16.00 which includes a complimentary subscription to Music Clubs Magazine. Download ME 1-1 application form: click here
Associate Membership. College groups, music schools and departments, choirs, bands, orchestras and similar organizations with members in the 16 through 26 age bracket who do not wish active participation in the business affairs of the federation may become associate members through mass enrollment upon payment of dues as follows:

50 members or less-TBA
51-100 members-TBA
101-200 members-TBA
Each additional 100-TBA

Church choirs, handbell choirs, orchestras, church bands
50 or less-TBA
Over 50 members-TBA

To add a subscription to Music Clubs Magazine, include _______. (TBA)