Florida Federation of Music Clubs

Junior Division

Membership of the Junior Division shall be classified as Active, Associate or Cradle Roll. It shall be limited to individuals and organizations whose members are not over 18 years of age. Junior annual dues shall be paid and sent to the state financial secretary, postmarked on or before October 1.

Active Membership in this division may be organization or individual.

1. All Junior Music Clubs, bands, orchestras, choirs, choruses and similar organizations whose members are not over 18 years of age may become active members of the Junior Division upon payment of dues. Each new Junior Club shall have no more than 100 members. Junior organizations shall pay annual dues $2.00 per capita.. Minimum dues of $50.00 pays up through 16 members and includes a subscription to Junior Keynotes. Beyond the minimum membership of 16 members, add $2.00 per capita.  Download dues form: click here
2. An Individual in the Junior Division may become a Junior Individual Member upon the payment of annual dues of $13.00 which includes a subscription to Junior Keynotes. Download ME 1-1 application form: click here
Note that the FFMC junior club music teacher serves as the Junior Counselor. Junior membership dues are paid by the Junior Counselor/teacher. To form your Junior Club, renew your club's membership or become an Individual member (in lieu of a senior club membership), please fill out and return the Junior Club "bill".

FFMC Junior Division Procedures for Area Festivals and Junior State Convention
PDF version of Procedures Manual

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Associate Membership. Junior organizations such as bands, orchestras, choirs and choruses whose members are not more than 18 years of age, who do not wish active participation in the business affairs of the federation may become associate members through mass enrollment upon payment of the fees as follows:

50 members or less-TBA
51-100 members-TBA
101-200 members-TBA
Each additional 100-TBA

Church choirs, handbell choirs, orchestras, bands:
50 or less-$6.00
Over 50 members-$15.00

Cradle Roll. Children from birth to five years of age shall be eligible for membership in the Cradle Roll upon payment of $25.00. This fee covers the entire period of Cradle Roll membership through age five.

(Updated: Friday, June 30, 2017)