Florida Federation of Music Clubs

Membership Information

Welcome teachers, students, music organizations and music lovers alike!

The Florida Federation of Music Clubs (FFMC) provides musical opportunities for all. If you live in Florida and want to enrich your musical experience, consider joining our organization.  Our local music clubs have much to offer.   For detailed membership information see Membership Details below. 

Music Teachers

If you are looking for performance opportunities, motivational programs, or scholarship opportunities for your students, then FFMC is looking for you! Studio members may include Juniors [18 or younger] or Students [19 to 26]. Be aware of these distinctions as they determine what is available for the members of your studio. See Awards & Scholarships and also Junior Division and Student/Collegiate Division for more information.

If interested in NFMC Junior Festivals, please email your inquiry:   contact us.    Helpful music resources for your studio: Click here


Each February, FFMC sponsors a number of area Junior Festivals around the state. A wide range of musical instruments are represented at these festivals: piano, voice, strings, woodwinds, percussion and more. Festival events include solos, concerti, duets, trios, quartets, duos, vocal groups, string ensembles, orchestras, and more. Required selections are chosen from the current Festivals Bulletin compiled by the National Federation of Music Clubs (NFMC). This publication can be ordered from the NFMC publications web page.  

Festivals are non-competitive events where students audition and can choose to earn points based on their rating. Federation Cup points accumulate toward trophies of increasing size (see NFMC Federation Cup Program). For information about an area festival close to you, see the District Page for your area. Festival chairmen contact information is listed in the NFMC Festival Information section at the bottom of each district page. Be aware that local deadlines must be met in the fall for both membership and for festival registration.

Other opportunities for your studio members include: Young Artist Auditions, FFMC Junior Convention Awards, Junior Composer's ContestEssay Contest, and also Student/Collegiate Auditions.

The Junior Division Procedures Manual is available online. The information applies to those students age 18 and younger.

Festival Eligibility:   download
Senior membership is required for all teacher (counselors). 
Join a local senior club or as an individual senior member. 

Deadline for the Junior Club bill is October 1 (renewal). Deadline for NEW members varies by district.
Click here to download junior club application form.
Be sure to order your NFMC Festivals Bulletin. Call NFMC: (317) 882-4003.

JUNIOR CLUB - Students age 18 and under  download form  (Membership required for participation in Festival)

To form your federated Junior Club or to renew your junior club's membership, please fill out and return the Junior Club "bill" to the Financial Secretary (Address on form.)  Note that the FFMC junior club music teacher serves as the Junior Counselor.  All required junior club dues must be postmarked by October 1 to avoid a late fee. Questions? Contact Lisa Moore, FFMC Member Liaison or Vicki Taylor, FFMC Financial Secretary

For more information see the Junior Division page. To download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader, visit the Adobe web site by clicking on the following logo:



To pay the annual Senior Club dues for your club members, print out a copy of the Senior Club "bill" and follow the instructions given. To avoid a late fee, the completed form (including membership list) and all required dues must be postmarked by October 1. For more information see Senior Division

FFMC Members-Only

Special news for FFMC Senior Members and Junior Counselors on "new" Members-only page download.


Student/Collegiate (age 19 to 25)

To participate in FFMC activities like festival, a student member has three options:

  1. be a member of a senior music club or Student club
  2. be a senior individual member
  3. be a student individual member

FFMC Opportunities available include: Student Auditions and Young Artist Auditions. (See Student/Collegiate Division for more information.) See also Young Artists which may be of interest.

NFMC Cradle Roll Membership

Celebrate the birth of your child or grandchild by securing a Cradle Roll Membership. Your $25 one-time contribution
to FFMC introduces them to FFMC musical adventures. Cradle Roll members are listed in the Directory for five years.
The parents (or donor) will receive a certificate of enrollment from NFMC. Application form can be accessed on the
FFMC website.   Download  

Music Organizations

Music organizations include: Senior Clubs, Universities and Colleges, Church groups, Orchestras, Bands, non professional Opera companies and others. (For specific information see the Senior Division, Student/Collegiate Division and the Junior Division pages.)

Membership Details

Any organization, musician or individual interested in the advancement of music, upon application and payment of dues, may be admitted into membership in accordance with the classification and ratification of membership as provided for in the bylaws of this organization and the National Federation of Music Clubs.

Membership in the Florida Federation shall be composed of:

A. Music clubs and kindred organizations whose purpose is to encourage, develop and maintain high musical standards,
B. Individuals directly or indirectly interested in the promotion of musical activity,
C. Teachers of federated Junior Music Clubs and/or music teachers with entrants for festival judging, are required to hold membership in an active senior music club, or have a senior individual membership.
Membership shall be in three divisions: Senior, Student/Collegiate and Junior.

Supplementary Membership Materials:

Liability Insurance Request (docx)

2017-2018 Child Protection Policy (docx)

Preventing Child Sexual Abuse (pdf)

Conflict of Interest (pdf)

Disclosure Statement (pdf)