Florida Federation of Music Clubs

NFMC Federation Cup Program

Previously named: NFMC Festival Cup or "Gold Cup"

Purpose: The NFMC Federation Cup Program offers additional incentive to all entrants in the NFMC Festivals Program. The NFMC Federation Cups are awarded on a point system based on the Area Festival ratings. Participation is optional and the cup fee is to be paid on an annual basis. Cup fees are nonrefundable. No retroactive fees are accepted. (See information on fees below.)

Eligibility: Any participant entering an Event (including the Junior Composers’ Contest and the Musicianship Event) listed in the NFMC Festivals Bulletin is eligible to enter the NFMC Federation Cup Program. The cup fee must be paid each year to earn points.  DEADLINE:  Contact your local festival chair for details on submitting your annual federation cup report and fees.

Point System: Points are based on the Area Festival ratings.

Superior 5 points
Excellent 4 points
Satisfactory 3 points
Fair 2 points
Needs Improvement 1 point

The Senior Concerto event earns points as follows:

Superior 8 points
Excellent 7 points
Satisfactory 5 points
Fair 3 points
Needs Improvement 1 point

Junior Entrants will receive gold cups for their events (must be age 18 and under).
Adult Entrants (age 19 and above) will receive silver cups.

Cups are shipped to a designated local distribution center for pick-up.
Direct-ship option may be available for a nominal fee.  (Check with your cup chair.)

A blank nameplate is included with cup.
Engraving is studio responsibility.
Contact local award shops for pricing and time-frame.

Junior Composition Event earns points as follows:

  Superior 8 points Multiple Instruments
Superior 7 points Single Instrument
Excellent 6 points
Satisfactory 5 points
Fair 3 points
Needs Improvement 1 point

Accumulation of Points: When a total of fifteen (15) points has been earned, the first Federation Cup "15pts" is awarded. For each additional fifteen points, the next larger cup is awarded:

NFMC Federation Cup Awards Chart:
First Cup 6" cup 15 points
Second Cup 8" cup 30 points
Third Cup 10" cup 45 points
Fourth Cup 12" cup 60 points
Grand Cup * 14" cup 75 points
President's Cup * 15" cup 90 points

* For Grand Cup or President's Cup, use Application Form JR 4-1

TEACHER: Send in form to your District Cup Chair immediately after Festival for local approval.

Note to District Cup Chair for Grand Cup application:
1) Confirm that membership dues for teacher and student have been paid.
2) Class is to be listed in reverse order by grade: 12th/11th/10th/9th, etc.
3) Review the festival history to be sure the year-by-year classes and points are correct.
4) Check that combining is shown correctly: Difficult I Piano Solo with Piano Junior III
5) Ensure that gold cup fees have been paid: $5.00 (and $5.50 for Junior III or Senior)
6) If 90-pt President cup, specify ornate or standard cup.
7) Copy of form must be included in packet to State cup chair.
8) Email advance copy to Mary Jane Timmer, NFMC Federation Cup Awards Chair. (Email on form)
9) Email advance copy to Lisa Moore: lisa.moore@ffmc-music.org
10) Upon approval, local cup chair may order online direct: Crown/NFMC
COMBINING: The practice of combining solo with concerto points in a single year provides students who earn their 45-pt Solo cup by Grade 8, 9, or 10 a challenge to go even farther and receive recognition for the additional work of preparing more difficult literature. The expectations for combining points to earn the GRAND cup (75 points) or even the PRESIDENT's cup (90 points) is both specific to grade in school and class— the applicant MUST be in 9th grade or above, the applicant MUST play a solo in Difficult I or above, the concerto MUST be Junior III or above. The combining of points is limited to four years of high school. Review carefully Bulletin pages 8-13 and Form JR 4-1 for details. To download: Click here Also see: NFMC Grand Cup

Choose HOW to apply cup points.
Examine combining example below 32 total points: 15 in Solo and 17 in Concerto.

Student can earn two Solo cups: a 15-point Solo cup in 2017 and 30-point Solo cup in 2018 when concerto points are applied as "SOLO".

For further information about "top cups" please contact Lisa Moore:  FFMC Federation Cup Chair

All points counted toward a NFMC Federation Cup must be earned in the same event. For exceptions - such as combining - please refer to the section "Official Festival Cup Award Plan" in the current Federation Festivals Bulletin. This Bulletin is copyrighted. All teachers entering students in Festival should have their own copy. Write to National Headquarters:

National Federation of Music Clubs
1646 Smith Valley RD
Greenwood, IN 46142
To order a copy from headquarters - - telephone (317) 882-4003; FAX: (317) 882-4019
Or go to the NFMC Publications page: Junior Division Festivals (Item #JR 2-1)

OneDrive Share option (any user with link can view). click here
Form MUST be typed --- Choose one of the forms below: Excel, Word, or PDF.  NOTE: Fees now $5.00/$5.50

Need assistance with the forms below?  Please contact Lisa Moore  email: lisa.moore@ffmc-music.org

Microsoft Excel for download - may be saved for editing (Click "Enable editing" when prompted):

MS Excel: download - - - Choose "Save" when prompted.
Microsoft Word for download - save for editing (Click "Enable editing" when prompted):
MS Word: download - - - Choose "Save" when prompted.

Small studios (pdf - fill and print):

Gold Cup: download

Silver Cup: download

NOTE: PDF can be saved for later edit. You may need to open with different viewer.

* For use with Adobe Reader®to directly enter information for printing from your computer.
Note: If a PDF viewer or reader other than Adobe Reader® is used, it may not provide correct forms functionality.

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Cup Fees and Forms: Cup fees must be paid on an annual basis. Beginning with 2018, the cup fees are now $5.00 for each regular cup event, except for Junior III and Senior Concerto, which are each $5.50. Forms are due to the District Federation Cup Chair by local deadline. Information MUST be typed. Forms must be signed (and dated). No fees may be paid to claim retroactive points. Students should begin paying cup fees in their first festival year to begin accumulating points. NOTE: Cups are shipped to a local distribution center at no extra charge. A blank nameplate is included with each cup. Teachers are to arrange for pick-up and are responsible for engraving. Your local festival cup chair will provide you with details and options. Contact your district festival cup chair about submitting forms and fees to meet local deadline(s). All cup order requests MUST be submitted to the state no later than March 30.

Counselors/Teachers: Students have the option of participating in the Federation Cup program for a nominal fee. Please discuss this with your students PRIOR to festival to collect the necessary fees. Review pages 7-9 of the Festivals Bulletin for complete information. Fees are to be paid on an annual basis, even if no cups are actually earned the first year. The student accrues points for event based on the rating received. Studio checks are made payable to the District Treasurer. Note: Fees are nonrefundable.

If you have a new student with previous festival history:

Submit a transfer form to your local festival chair by December 1.

Cup points for out-of-state transfer students may be documented with Form JR 3-1 and should be sent to Lisa Smith, FFMC Festivals Chair at email: ffmc.festivals.chair@hotmail.com.

Festival Cup Chairs: Please download the Cup Order Summary. download form. Please coordinate with the state cup chair to ensure prompt processing of cup orders with NFMC. (Reminder: Bulk cup orders cannot be shipped until the JR 3-3 and JR 3-4 forms are finalized. Treasurer's report must be mailed to Lisa Smith with festival fees.)

In 2018, you are able to order your area cups, including the Grand Cups and President's Cups. Click here: Crown Awards

For Area Festival deadlines or questions:

Please check your district area page for your Federation Cup Chair listed. district (Click here)

The Junior Counselor Federation Cup Form and Fees shall be submitted to the local area Federation Cup Chairman not later than two weeks from the last day of the District/Area Festival.

The District Area Federation Cup Chairman shall submit the reports and cup orders forms with fees to the State Federation Cup Chairman not later than two weeks of the District/Area deadline. 

Refer to page 18 of the revised Junior Procedures manual. (August 1, 2015) 

Reminder: Make check payable to District Treasurer. (Indicate check number on form where indicated.)

Festival cup chairs will be notified once the orders have been shipped out by NFMC. Cup orders should be inspected promptly on delivery. Lost, missing, or damaged cups or nameplates should be promptly reported to Lisa Moore, the State Federation Cup chairman:  lisa.moore@ffmc-music.org

Cups will be replaced when there is damage to the handles or on the outside finish or wood base such as chips, scratches, gouges, or dents. Marks on the inside of the cups are not considered “damage.” Cups will NOT be replaced if they have been removed from the original shipping cartons and repackaged for shipment to a third party.

AVAILABLE (Limited locations only):

Teachers may choose direct shipping in certain Festival Areas.

Contact your District/Area Federation Cup Chair to see if option is available.

Shipping/handling (direct to the teacher):

$20.00 for up to 10 cups
$25.00 for 11 to 15 cups
$30.00 for 16 to 20 cups
$35.00 for 21 or more cups

If this option is selected, a separate check should be made payable to FFMC, Inc.

Send in the check with the festival cup report forms to your local cup chair.

Note: District Area Federation Cup Chairs should contact the State Cup Chair for details.


Click on "paper document" icon to download workbook:

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NFMC Form - Download current form from NFMC

JR 4-1 Application for Grand Cup/President's Cup

Sample JR 4-1 form for 90pt PRESIDENT Cup - Piano SOLO:


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